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1375 Gardner, Erle Stanley case of the careless kittenThe case of the careless kitten View
1315 Crispin, Edmund moving toyshopThe moving toyshop View
1103 Farrer, Katharine Cretan counterfeitThe Cretan counterfeit View
952 Gardner, Erle Stanley case of the counterfeit eyeThe case of the counterfeit eye View
814 Dickson, Carter Carr, John Dickson And so to murderAnd so to murder View
1487 Mason, A. E. W. house of the arrowThe house of the arrow View
Hare, Cyril With a bare bodkinWith a bare bodkin View
1292 Crispin, Edmund Buried for pleasureBuried for pleasure View
954 Mitchell, Gladys Tom Brown's bodyTom Brown's body View
1006 Taylor, Samuel W. man with my faceThe man with my face View
1407 Sterling, Thomas evil of the dayThe evil of the day View
887 Paul, Elliot mysterious Mickey Finn : an international mysteryThe mysterious Mickey Finn : an international mystery View
1178 Murray, Max doctor and the corpseThe doctor and the corpse View
1239 Gardner, Erle Stanley D.A. holds a candleThe D.A. holds a candle View
805 Doyle, Arthur Conan case-book of Sherlock HomesThe case-book of Sherlock Homes View
1402 Wentworth, Patricia watersplashThe watersplash View
64 Wallace, Edgar four just menThe four just men View
1384 Trench, John Docken deadDocken dead View
841 Tey, Josephine Franchise affairThe Franchise affair View
C2027 Simenon, Georges Maigret meets a milordMaigret meets a milord View
C2249 Simenon, Georges Maigret takes a roomMaigret takes a room View
C2025 Simenon, Georges Maigret and the hundred gibbetsMaigret and the hundred gibbets View
1221 Simenon, Georges Maigret in MontmartreMaigret in Montmartre View
1831 Robinson, Robert Landscape with dead donsLandscape with dead dons View
1037 Hare, Cyril When the wind blowsWhen the wind blows View
1486 Hare, Cyril He should have died hereafterHe should have died hereafter View
727 Gearon, John velvet wellThe velvet well View
1204 Gardner, Erle Stanley case of the silent partnerThe case of the silent partner View
659 Fitt, Mary Death on Heron's MereDeath on Heron's Mere View
1045 Farrer, Katharine missing linkThe missing link View
932 Christie, Agatha Parker Pyne investigatesParker Pyne investigates View
741 Chandler, Raymond Trouble is my business, and other storiesTrouble is my business, and other stories View
950 Carr, John Dickson Till death us do partTill death us do part View
1252 Armstrong, Charlotte MischiefMischief View
1216 Allingham, Margery tiger in the smokeThe tiger in the smoke View
1476 Allingham, Margery Hide my eyesHide my eyes View
864 Allingham, Margery More work for the undertakerMore work for the undertaker View
397 Hughes, Dorothy B. bamboo blondeThe bamboo blonde View
1087 Claymore, Tod Reunion in FloridaReunion in Florida View
891 Rice, Craig Trial by furyTrial by fury View
1003 Mitchell, Gladys Come away deathCome away death View
355 Marsh, Ngaio Jellett, Henry nursing home murderThe nursing home murder View
152 Marsh, Ngaio Enter a murdererEnter a murderer View
253 Marsh, Ngaio Vintage murderVintage murder View
709 Lipsky, Eleazar kiss of deathThe kiss of death View
886 Lawrence, Hilda Duet of deathDuet of death View
740 Keverne, Richard Carteret's cureCarteret's cure View
1340 Johnston, George H. Death takes small bitesDeath takes small bites View
992 Hull, Richard Keep it quietKeep it quiet View
397 Hughes, Dorothy B. bamboo blondeThe bamboo blonde View
1023 Hastings, Macdonald Cork on the waterCork on the water View
968 Gardner, Erle Stanley Murder up my sleeveMurder up my sleeve View
1040 Gardner, Erle Stanley D.A. calls it murderThe D.A. calls it murder View
966 Gardner, Erle Stanley case of the sleepwalker's nieceThe case of the sleepwalker's niece View
1619 Field, Peter Law man of Powder ValleyLaw man of Powder Valley View
239 Ferguson, John Stealthy terrorStealthy terror View
1413 Eden, Dorothy Darling ClementineDarling Clementine View
159 Connington, J. J. Dangerfield TalismanThe Dangerfield Talisman View
1087 Claymore, Tod Reunion in FloridaReunion in Florida View
377 Brahms, Caryl Simon, S. J. bullet in the balletA bullet in the ballet View
736 Allingham, Margery Coroner's pidginCoroner's pidgin View
276 Allingham, Margery case of the late pigThe case of the late pig View
770 Allingham, Margery crime at Black DudleyThe crime at Black Dudley View