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Number Author Title View
224 Cheyney, Peter You can call it a dayYou can call it a day View
177 Doyle, Arthur Conan valley of fearThe valley of fear View
177 Doyle, Arthur Conan valley of fearThe valley of fear View
286 Doyle, Arthur Conan return of Sherlock HolmesThe return of Sherlock Holmes View
106 Doyle, Arthur Conan Adventures of GerardAdventures of Gerard View
203 White, Ethel Lina lady vanishesThe lady vanishes View
125 Wallace, Edgar squeakerThe squeaker View
142 Wallace, Edgar four just menThe four just men View
173 Vandercook, John W. Murder in TrinidadMurder in Trinidad View
384 Upfield, Arthur Death of a lakeDeath of a lake View
435 Curtiss, Ursula noonday devilThe noonday devil View
14 Buchan, John thirty-nine stepsThe thirty-nine steps View
133 Smith, Shelley Come and be killed!Come and be killed! View
26 Simenon, Georges man who watched the trains go byThe man who watched the trains go by View
46 Iles, Francis Berkeley, Anthony Malice aforethought : a novel of murderMalice aforethought : a novel of murder View
287 Heyer, Georgette Duplicate deathDuplicate death View
179 Goodchild, George Inspector McLean's holiday (McLean takes a holiday)Inspector McLean's holiday (McLean takes a holiday) View
312 Gilbert, Michael Death has deep rootsDeath has deep roots View
389 Gardner, Erle Stanley case of the lazy loverThe case of the lazy lover View
168 Dickson, Carter Carr, John Dickson gilded manThe gilded man View
239 Chesterton, G. K. wisdom of Father BrownThe wisdom of Father Brown View
171 Charteris, Leslie Saint on guardThe Saint on guard View
236 Charteris, Leslie brighter buccaneerThe brighter buccaneer View
208 Charteris, Leslie Saint in London (The misfortunes of Mr. Teal)The Saint in London (The misfortunes of Mr. Teal) View
308 Blake, Nicholas Head of a travellerHead of a traveller View