American Bloodhound Mysteries

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496 White, Lionel ransomed MadonnaThe ransomed Madonna View
230 Monig, Christopher Abra-cadaverAbra-cadaver View
517 Fry, Pete orange necktieThe orange necktie View
488 Fish, Robert L. shrunken headThe shrunken head View
327 White, Lionel Merriweather fileThe Merriweather file View
224 Webb, Jack brass haloThe brass halo View
353 Pentecost, Hugh kingdom of deathThe kingdom of death View
365 Olesker, Harry ImpactImpact View
355 Monig, Christopher lonely gravesThe lonely graves View
481 Masur, Harold Q. Make a killingMake a killing View
329 Masur, Harold Q. Bury me deepBury me deep View
493 Kane, Henry Prey by dawnPrey by dawn View
532 Henry, Clay third twinThe third twin View
533 Graham, Anthony deadly loversThe deadly lovers View
440 Fisher, Lawrence Die a little every dayDie a little every day View
284 Dewey, Thomas B. case of the chased and the unchasteThe case of the chased and the unchaste View
528 Chaber, M. E. Wanted, dead men : a new Milo March adventureWanted, dead men : a new Milo March adventure View
433 Chaber, M. E. Softly in the night : a Milo March adventureSoftly in the night : a Milo March adventure View