Publisher Stock View
Thriller Book Club 1 View
Samuel French Limited 1 View
Phoenix House Limited 1 View
Funk and Wagnalls Company 1 View
Book Sales Incorporated 2 View
Duell, Sloan and Pearce 1 View
Criterion Books 1 View
Humphrey Milford 2 View
Ticknor and Fields 1 View
University of California 2 View
Tom Stacey Limited 3 View
G. K. Hall and Company 1 View
Garland Publishing Incorporated 4 View
Blue Ribbon Books 1 View
Hersilia Press 1 View
Franklin Library 18 View
Dave Rogers 6 View
Millennium Publications Incorporated 1 View
Entertainment Publishing 4 View
United Anglo-American Book Company Limited 1 View
Eclipse Books 2 View
Lythway Press Limited 1 View
Vernon and Yates Limited 1 View
Vallancey Press Limited 4 View
Corvus Publishing 1 View
Argyll Publishing 1 View
Tin Box 2 View
O'Quinn Studios 1 View
Street and Smith Publishers Incorporated 1 View
Scottish Book Collector 2 View
Priory Scholars 35 View
Barker and Jansen 1 View
Pushkin Vertigo 1 View
Joffe Books 1 View
Musgraves 19 View
R. H. Enterprises Incorporated 7 View
Pandora's Books Limited 1 View
Gimmick Press SARL 1 View
Basil Blackwell Limited 1 View
Bradbury, Agnew and Company Limited 2 View
Christie's International Media Division 1 View
Sotheby's Holdings Incorporated 1 View
Pressdram Limited 1 View
Society for Psychoanalytical Study of English Language and Literature 1 View
Canongate Books Limited 1 View
Kent State University Press 1 View
Dewynters PLC 1 View
Titan Publishing Group Limited 2 View
Quercus Publishing Limited 1 View
MOTA Company Incorporated 1 View
Esquire Incorporated 1 View
Times Newspapers Limited 4 View
Editorial Associates 1 View
BBC Enterprises Limited 1 View
Campaign for Real Ale, Edinburgh and South East Scotland Branch 1 View
E-Go Enterprises Incorporated 1 View
J.A. Nogee 1 View
Atlas Publications Limited 1 View
English Association 1 View
Holmes-Fan-Clubs 1 View
Theme Publications 1 View
Peter Harkness 7 View
Fratton Lodgers 1 View
C. Arthur Pearson Limited 1 View
Pocket Publications Limited 1 View
Sergio Bonelli Editore 1 View
Men with the Twisted Konjo 1 View
John Lane 1 View
Briarwood Publications Incorporated 1 View
Llewellyn Worldwide Limited 1 View
Wilder Publications Incorporated 1 View
Stage One Theatre Company 1 View
Pleasant Places of Florida 1 View
Pearson Education Limited 1 View
Luther Norris 2 View
Hollywood 1 View
Drake Publishers Incorporated 1 View
Neville Beeman Limited 1 View
Gilberton Company Incorporated 2 View
Presses de la Cité 1 View
Naiad Press Incorporated 1 View
Falcon Press (London) Limited 1 View
Dean Street Press 3 View
Bella Books Incorporated 1 View
Stane Street Press 2 View
Studio Editions Limited 2 View
Scholastic Publishing Limited 1 View
Robert Frederick Limited 2 View
DuMont Buchverlag 1 View
Andrews and MacMeel 1 View
American Topical Association 1 View
Scottish Students Songbook Committee Limited 1 View
Bayley and Ferguson 1 View
Piccadilly Books Limited 1 View
McFarland and Company Incorporated 1 View
Mathematical Association of America Incorporated 1 View
Grisewood and Dempsey Limited 1 View
Jasper Publishing 1 View
Diehard 1 View
Lyle Stuart Incorporated 1 View
Penguin Random House Incorporated 1 View
Baskerville Books 1 View
Abson Books 2 View
Pedigree Books 1 View
Arthur Boyd Publishing Empire 1 View
Guy Delcourt Productions 3 View
Thorpe and Porter Limited 1 View
Marvel Comics Group 3 View
K. K. Publications Incorporated 13 View
Editorial Planeta-De Agostini 1 View
Associated Newspapers plc 2 View
Anthony Treherne and Company Limited 1 View
Adventure Comics 1 View
Calmann-Lévy 1 View
Random House Publishing Group 1 View
David and Charles Publishers PLC 1 View
Fraser Smyth 1 View
Running Press 2 View
Paramount Books 1 View
Dynamite Entertainment 7 View
David R. Godine, Publisher, Incorporated 1 View
Canelo Digital Publishing Limited 2 View
Bosco 1 View
Kensington Publishing Corporation 2 View
Europa Editions 7 View
Bitter Lemon Press 3 View
Oldcastle Books Limited 5 View
Grove Atlantic Incoporated 1 View
Write Way Publishing 1 View
Walker Books Limited 2 View
Trident Press 1 View
Hamlyn Publishing Group Limited 2 View
M. J. Trow 1 View
Eveleigh Nash and Grayson Limited 1 View
Donald I. Fine Incorporated 1 View
Diogenes Publications 5 View
Cadds Printing Limited 2 View
Briton Press 3 View
Big House Books 5 View
Beacon Communications Proprietary Limited 4 View
Aspen Press 2 View
Alibi Books 1 View
Allen Wayne Limited 1 View
Hawk Books Limited 2 View
Virgin Publishing Limited 1 View
Hearst Corporation 2 View
Bethany Fellowship Incorporated 1 View
Mayflower Books 3 View
Soleil 1 View
Ravette Books 1 View
Proteus Books Limited 1 View
Nelson Canada Limited 1 View
Lancer Books Incorporated 1 View
Kanthaka Press 1 View
Jules Tallandier 1 View
Hansom Press 1 View
Robinson Publishing Limited 1 View
Northstar Press 1 View
Ferret Fantasy Limited 1 View
Bobbs-Merrill Company Incorporated 2 View
Berkley Publishing Group 2 View
Wynne Howard Publishing 1 View
Tom Doherty Associates Incorporated 6 View
Pan Macmillan Publishers Limited 1 View
Fedogan and Bremer 1 View
Educational Comics Incorporated 1 View
E. C. Publications Incorporated 1 View
Futura Publications Limited 1 View
Knight Books 1 View
W. Paul Ganley 1 View
Val Andrews 1 View
Thumbprints 6 View
SpyGlass Crime 1 View
R. J. Chorley 1 View
Pinnacle Books 7 View
Mysterious Bookshop 17 View
Dragon Books 2 View
Crowell-Collier Publishing Company 3 View
Album Soleil 4 View
Addison-Wesley Publishing Company Incorporated 1 View
Baker Street Irregulars Incorporated 2 View
Canongate Press Limited 1 View
Whizzard Press 1 View
Československý Spisovatel 1 View
Softback Preview 1 View
News Chronicle Publications Department 1 View
Milestone Publications 1 View
Belmont Tower Books 1 View
Penn Publishing Company 1 View
International Polygonics Limited 3 View
Philip Allan and Company Limited 2 View
Nelson Doubleday Incorporated 1 View
Hodder Paperbacks Limited 1 View
Carroll and Nicholson 1 View
White Eagle Publishing Trust 1 View
Times Publishing Company Limited 2 View
Tai Xu Press 1 View
Robert Dugdale 2 View
Press of Ward Schori 1 View
NextChurch Resources 1 View
Dorothy L. Sayers Society 1 View
Daypark Press 1 View
Daniel P. King 1 View
Conan Doyle (Crowborough) Establishment 2 View
Colour Library Books Limited 1 View
Quiller Press Limited 1 View
Sheed and Ward Limited 4 View
Justice of the Peace Limited 2 View
Times Mirror Company 6 View
Penwith Books 1 View
Hugh S. Scullion 2 View
Thames and Hudson Limited 1 View
Simon and Pierre Publishing Company Limited 1 View
Sigma Forlag Aksjeselskap 1 View
Kyuryudo Company Limited 1 View
Irregular Special Railway Company 5 View
Irregular Special Press 7 View
Continuum Publishing Company 1 View
Charles Hall Productions 4 View
Camden House, Incorporated 1 View
Peirene Press Limited 1 View
Franco-Midland Hardware Company 8 View
Avenel Books 2 View
Ward Lock Limited 1 View
Fordham University Press 2 View
Parallel Publications 4 View
Eric Monahan 9 View
David and Charles (Holdings) Limited 1 View
Gryphon Publications 6 View
Bowling Green University Popular Press 3 View
Brewin Books 1 View
Collins Crime Club 1 View
Random House Value Publishing Incorporated 1 View
Quercus Editions Limited 1 View
Inner Circle Books Limited 1 View
Aegypan Press 1 View
Pinchin Lane Press 4 View
Oakmagic Publications 12 View
Northern Musgraves 42 View
Gaby Goldscheider 3 View
Monthly Magazines Limited 8 View
Real Adventures Publishing Company 6 View
Short Stories Incorporated 3 View
Norman Kark Publications Limited 6 View
Todd Publishing Group Limited 1 View
Leo Margulies Corporation 5 View
Hulton Press Limited 1 View
Mellifont Press Limited 17 View
Davis Publications Incorporated 5 View
Mercury Publications Incorporated 6 View
American Mercury Incorporated 3 View
McCall Corporation 5 View
Borgo Press 1 View
Atlas Publishing and Distributing Company Limited 4 View
Frank A. Munsey Company 11 View
Illustrious Clients of Indianapolis 1 View
Congdon and Weed Incorporated 1 View
Poor Folk Upon the Moors 52 View
David and Charles (Publishers) Limited 6 View
Galde Press Incorporated 1 View
Pavilion Books Limited 1 View
Local History Pubications 1 View
Gasogene Press Limited 15 View
Anthony Bird Associates 1 View
Simon and Schuster Incorporated 6 View
Bramhall House 1 View
Wings Books 4 View
Rupert Hart-Davis Limited 2 View
University of Michigan Press 1 View
Associated University Presses 1 View
Dragon Publications Limited 1 View
T. and A. Constable Limited 1 View
Samuel Gabriel Sons and Company 1 View
W. W. Norton and Company Incorporated 4 View
P. F. Collier and Son Company 1 View
Knox Robinson Publishing 1 View
Titan Books Limited 1 View
Sheridan House 1 View
Morris and Company 1 View
Peter Haddock Limited 1 View
Home and Van Thal 1 View
Ken Pierce 1 View
Military Service Publishing Company 1 View
Bantam Books Incorporated 3 View
Harcourt Incorporated 1 View
Skeffington and Son Limited 1 View
Penguin Random House LLC 3 View
Marvel Entertainment Group Incorporated 7 View
Hennel Locke Limited 2 View
Clark University 1 View
Lever Brothers, Limited 3 View
Raphael Tuck and Sons Limited 1 View
Classic Specialities Books 2 View
P. and T. Production Sprl 1 View
André Martel 1 View
Librairie Ollendorff 1 View
Grey House Books 1 View
James Askew and Son 1 View
Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons Limited 2 View
SelfMadeHero 3 View
Magazine Management Company Incorporated 1 View
Schocken Books 3 View
Metro Media Limited 3 View
Portland House 1 View
Dilithium Press Limited 1 View
Calabash Press 25 View
Eternity Comics 3 View
Malibu Graphics Incorporated 21 View
J. W. Arrowsmith 1 View
Chatto and Windus 6 View
National Periodical Publications Incorporated 9 View
Barnes and Noble Incorporated 2 View
Edinburgh University Students Publication Board 1 View
McClure, Phillips and Company 1 View
Hodder and Stoughton 4 View
A. and W. Publishers Incorporated 3 View
Carolrhoda Books Incorporated 1 View
Hearthstone Publications 2 View
Granada Publishing Limited 3 View
Franklin Mint Corporation 1 View
Arpad Publishing Incorporated 1 View
Sherlock Holmes Society of London 63 View
Westminster Libraries 1 View
Sherlock Publications 54 View
Caliber Press 1 View
Robert K. Haas Incorporated 1 View
Prószynski i S-ka 1 View
Gaslight Publications 5 View
World International Publishing Limited 1 View
CID 1 View
Manesse Verlag 1 View
Bokförlaget Bra Böcker 1 View
Ekdoseis Anastasiade 1 View
Haffmans Verlag 1 View
Methuen and Company 1 View
Longmans, Green and Company 3 View
Gakushu-Kemkyu-Sha 1 View
Psychic Press 1 View
Renaissance du Livre 1 View
Editorial Molino 1 View
Robert Laffont 1 View
Hachette 1 View
Editorial Laertes 1 View
André Sauret 1 View
Editorial Bruguera 1 View
Albin Michel 3 View
Pacifica 4 View
Editorial Vicens Vives 1 View
E. G. Anaya 3 View
Loeb 1 View
Martins Forlag 4 View
Northstar Publishing 5 View
Magico Magazine 48 View
Baker Street Irregulars 30 View
Whitman Publishing Company 1 View
Peerage Books 1 View
Wessex Press LLC 5 View
Goode Press 1 View
Renegade Press 13 View
Arthur Conan Doyle Society 2 View
Rupert Books 11 View
D. Appleton and Company 1 View
John Murray 8 View
Equation 1 View
Yourdon Incorporated 1 View
Thorsons Publishing Group Limited 2 View
Robson Books Limited 2 View
Pilot Press Limited 1 View
Paul Harris Publishing 3 View
Pantheon Books 2 View
Oxford University Press Incorporated 2 View
Odhams Press Limited 9 View
Methuen London Limited 2 View
Macdonald Publishers 1 View
Intrigue Press 1 View
Harvester Press Limited 1 View
G. Bell and Sons Limited 1 View
Francis Aldor 1 View
Fourth Estate Limited 2 View
Eyre Methuen Limited 1 View
Ernest Benn Limited 3 View
Edmund Ward Limited 1 View
Daily Express Publications 4 View
Castle Books 1 View
Carroll and Graf Publishers Incorporated 1 View
Associated Newspapers Limited 1 View
Allan Wingate (Publishers) Limited 1 View
A. L. Burt Company 1 View
Pyramid Publications Incorporated 1 View
Meadowside Publications 1 View
Calypso Press Proprietary Limited 2 View
Breese Books 7 View
Village Press 3 View
Nostalgia Press Incorporated 1 View
New International Library Incorporated 1 View
Grossett and Dunlap 6 View
University of Chicago Press 4 View
Panther Books Limited 3 View
Pedigree Books Limited 1 View
Phoenix Publishing Company 1 View
Rue Morgue Press 1 View
Pocket Books (GB) Limited 1 View
Off-Trail Publications 1 View
Academy Chicago Publishers 1 View
Luath Press Limited 1 View
Pocket Books Incorporated 4 View
Pocket Books of Canada Limited 2 View
Viking Penguin Incorporated 1 View
Orion Publishing Group Limitd 16 View
Arrow Books Limited 10 View
Tom Stacey Reprints Limited 6 View
Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library 17 View
New American Library of World Literature Incorporated 2 View
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Incorporated 1 View
Librairie Arthème Fayard 3 View
Editions du Rocher 4 View
George Routledge and Sons Limited 3 View
Nicholson and Watson 1 View
W. H. Allen and Company PLC 1 View
Grant Richards 2 View
Chapmans Publishers Limited 1 View
Elek Books Limited 2 View
C. W. Daniel Company 1 View
Hogarth Press Limited 2 View
Ringpull Press Limited 1 View
Atlantic Books Limited 1 View
M. S. Mill Company Incorporated 1 View
Kemsley Newspapers Limited 1 View
Lomax Press Limited 2 View
Hart-Davis, MacGibbon 1 View
Houghton Mifflin Company 6 View
Random House UK Limited 8 View
Hutchinson 3 View
Marvel Worldwide Incorporated 1 View
Hutchinson and Company 1 View
Black and White Publishing Limited 2 View
Hurst and Blackett Limited 2 View
Harwood-Smart Publishing Company Limited 1 View
Granada Limited 1 View
DC Comics Incorporated 9 View
Penguin Books USA Incorporated 4 View
W. H. Smith and Son Limited 3 View
Penguin Putnam Incorporated 1 View
Birlinn Limited 7 View
Macmillan Publishing Company Incorporated 7 View
Century Hutchinson Limited 8 View
Blake et Mortimer 1 View
Bruce Publishing Company 1 View
Evans Brothers Limited 2 View
Penguin Group Limited 1 View
Galley Press 2 View
Mystery League Incorporated 1 View
William Heinemann 9 View
W. H. Books Limited 10 View
Viking Press 19 View
Mycroft and Moran 7 View
British Broadcasting Corporation 3 View
Arthur H. Stockwell Limited 2 View
Michael O'Mara Books Limited 8 View
Ross Anderson Publications 1 View
Raven Books 1 View
Thomas Dunne Books 2 View
Allied Newspapers Limited 1 View
Random House Incorporated 12 View
MacLehose Press Limited 2 View
White Lion Publishers Limited 1 View
Denis Archer 1 View
Roy Publishers 1 View
Fiction League 2 View
Titan Publishing Limited 2 View
Reinhardt and Evans Limited 1 View
Street and Smith 2 View
Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group Incorporated 2 View
John Hamilton Limited 1 View
Nirvana Books 1 View
Real Free Press 2 View
Poisoned Pen Press 10 View
Quartet Books Limited 3 View
Top Line Books 1 View
Gerald Duckworth and Company Limited 4 View
University of New Mexico Press 1 View
Doubleday and Company Incorporated 4 View
George Allen and Unwin Limited 10 View
Scriptmate Newriter Editions 1 View
Old Street Publishing Limited 1 View
André Deutsch Limited 12 View
Rampant Horse 1 View
Virago Press Limited 3 View
Stanley Paul and Company Limited 3 View
New English Library 1 View
Andrew Melrose Limited 2 View
United Press Limited 1 View
Cumberland House Publishing Incorporated 1 View
Claude Lefrancq Editeur SA 15 View
Avon Publications Incorporated 2 View
Oxford University Press 9 View
Xanadu Publications Limited 2 View
John Crowther Limited 2 View
Harper and Brothers 3 View
Picador 7 View
Vantage Press Incorporated 1 View
John Westhouse (Publishers) Limited 4 View
Diamond Press Limited 1 View
Allen A. Knoll 1 View
Random House Group Limited 6 View
Preface Publishing 1 View
Harper and Row, Publishers, Incorporated 3 View
Little, Brown Book Group Limited 5 View
Dover Publications Incorporated 4 View
Meridian Books Limited 1 View
High Country Publishers Limited 1 View
Charles Bravos 2 View
Staples Press Limited 1 View
Wright and Brown Limited 1 View
Tom Doherty Associates LLC 6 View
Macdonald and Company (Publishers) Limited 19 View
Longmans, Green and Company Limited 4 View
Max Reinhardt Limited 2 View
Howard Baker Press Limited 4 View
Walker Publishing Company Incorporated 3 View
Peter Davies Limited 1 View
Gerald G. Swan Limited 6 View
T. Werner Laurie Limited 4 View
J. W. Arrowsmith Limited 2 View
HarperCollins Publishers Limited 66 View
Chatto and Windus Limited 4 View
World Distributors (Manchester) Limited 4 View
Women's Press Limited 3 View
Withy Grove Press Limited 5 View
William Morrow and Company Incorporated 9 View
William Hodge and Company Limited 1 View
William Heinemann Limited 37 View
William Godwin Incorporated 1 View
William Collins Sons and Company Limited 119 View
William Collins Sons and Company Canada Limited 3 View
Wells Gardner, Darton and Company Limited 2 View
Warner Books Incorporated 8 View
Ward, Lock and Company Limited 21 View
Walter Edwards (Publishers) Ltd. 1 View
W. H. Allen and Company Limited 7 View
W. Foulsham and Company Limited 5 View
Victor Gollancz Limited 156 View
Vanguard Press Incorporated 1 View
Transworld Publishers Limited 20 View
Time Warner Book Group UK Limited 4 View
Thomas Nelson and Sons Limited 8 View
T. V. Boardman and Company Limited 36 View
T. Fisher Unwin Limited 1 View
St. Martin's Press 31 View
Souvenir Press Limited 8 View
Soho Press Incorporated 4 View
Smith, Elder and Company 5 View
Sinclair-Stevenson Limited 1 View
Simon and Schuster UK Limited 6 View
Severn House Publishers Limited 26 View
Serpent's Tail Limited 1 View
Sampson, Low, Marston and Company Limited 7 View
Robert Hale Limited 26 View
Richard Drew Publishing Limited 1 View
Rich and Cowan Limited 1 View
Remploy Limited 2 View
Random Century Group Limited 4 View
Quercus Books Limited 14 View
Quality Press Limited 1 View
Polygon 6 View
Pluto Press Limited 1 View
Penguin Books Limited 29 View
Pawling and Ness Limited 1 View
Pan Macmillan Limited 21 View
Pan Books Limited 5 View
Orion Books Limited 11 View
Oldbourne Book Company Limited 1 View
Mysterious Press 9 View
Michael Joseph Limited 33 View
Methuen and Company Limited 8 View
Mercat Press Ltd 2 View
McLelland and Stewart Incorporated 3 View
Mayflower Books Limited 2 View
Martin Secker and Warburg Limited 11 View
Mainstream Publishing Company (Edinburgh) Limited 2 View
Macmillan Publishers Limited 21 View
Macmillan London Limited 91 View
Macmillan General Books Limited 18 View
Macfadden-Bartell Corporation 5 View
Macdonald and Jane's Publishers Limited 2 View
London House and Maxwell 1 View
Little, Brown and Company (UK) Limited 16 View
Little, Brown and Company 1 View
Lion Publishing PLC 1 View
Judy Piatkus (Publishers) Limited 35 View
Jonathan Cape Limited 12 View
John Wiley and Sons Incorporated 1 View
John Murray (Publishers) Limited 25 View
John Long Limited 18 View
John Lane the Bodley Head Limited 3 View
John Gifford Limited 2 View
Jarrolds Publishers (London) Limited 5 View
J. M. Dent and Sons Limited 4 View
J. B. Lipincott Company 2 View
Ives Washburn Incorporated 1 View
Ian Henry Publications Limited 20 View
Ian Allan Publishing 1 View
Hutchinson and Company (Publishers) Limited 23 View
Holt, Rinehart and Winston Incorporated 2 View
Hodder and Stoughton Limited 88 View
Herbert Jenkins Limited 7 View
Henry Holt and Company LLC 2 View
Henry Holt and Company Incorporated 1 View
Headline Publishing Group Limited 3 View
Headline Book Publishing PLC 10 View
Headline Book Publishing Limited 59 View
Harvill Press Limited 2 View
Hammond, Hammond and Company Limited 6 View
Hamish Hamilton Limited 50 View
H. K. Fly Company 1 View
Greening and Company Limited 1 View
George Weidenfeld and Nicolson Limited 17 View
George Newnes Limited 26 View
George H. Doran Company 2 View
George G. Harrap and Company Limited 11 View
Geoffrey Bles 5 View
G. P. Putnam's Sons 3 View
Frederick Muller Limited 3 View
Forbes Robertson Limited 2 View
Folio Society Limited 3 View
Fleetway Publications Limited 127 View
Fawcett Columbine 2 View
Farrar and Rinehart Incorporated 1 View
Faber and Faber Limited 31 View
Eyre and Spottiswoode (Publishers) Limited 9 View
Eldon Press Limited 3 View
Dodd, Mead and Company Incorporated 3 View
Dobson Books Limited 1 View
Dell Publishing Company Incorporated 23 View
Crippen and Landru Publishers Incorporated 51 View
Crime Club 2 View
Constable and Robinson Limited 12 View
Constable and Company Limited 54 View
Charles Scribner's Sons 8 View
Chapman and Hall Limited 3 View
Cassell and Company Limited 25 View
Cambridge University Press 1 View
Bodley Head Limited 6 View
Bobbs-Merrill Company 1 View
Bloomsbury Publishing PLC 8 View
Blond and Briggs Limited 1 View
Bernhard Tauchnitz 3 View
Berkley Publishing Corporation 14 View
Battered Silicon Dispatch Box 42 View
Barrie and Jenkins Limited 2 View
Ash-Tree Press 5 View
Arthur Gray (Books) Limited 1 View
Arthur Barker Limited 18 View
Arlington Books (Publishers) Limited 4 View
Amalgamated Press Limited 88 View
Allison and Busby Limited 28 View
Allen Lane the Penguin Press Limited 3 View
Allan Wingate Limited 2 View
Alfred A. Knopf Incorporated 2 View
Albyn Press Limited 1 View
Ace Publishing Corporation 1 View
Ace Books Incorporated 11 View